74Designing is one of the best arenas to build career in for people who love to indulge in creative sessions. For those who take their creativity seriously and wish to take it to another level should make up their mind to pursue career in the designing stream where there are plethora of courses available. One such area is interior designing. The job of a designer is equally exciting and challenging, and sees infinite growth. This section shall deal with the area of interior designing, and things that a designer should know before taking up this dynamic job.

For the starter, it is obvious for anyone who intends to build himself in Interior Design Career needs to have a knack for designing. There should be innate affection and understanding of colours, patches, combinations, building code, architecture, placement of objects etc. But interior designing is not a play with colours and combinations – there is more that needs to be learnt. One should have hands on knowledge on interior designing which can be pursued from any college that offers specialisation in the subject. Designers need to be educated in design, its history, concepts, building code, ethics of forming a design, computer aided drawing and more.

On a broader perspective, designers are expected to be working with all kinds of clients- be it home owners, corporate clients, government agencies etc. One simply cannot restrict their area of work, especially in the beginning, as it is ideal to gain exposure in every area than limiting to one. Another thing that a designer needs to understand is that they shall not be able to earn crazy high amount the moment they kick start. One needs to gain experience and exposure in order to reach at the desired stage.

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73A career in multimedia and animation is budding and the bang in the animation industry has known rise to numerous job opportunities in this line of work. Animation industry is rising faster and is known to be one of the the majority demanding industries in the marketplace. animation and graphics courses in delhi is an art where animators put life to cartoon characters or animated. The word animation stand for "soul" in Latin language. Many of you have full-grown up watching your preferred cartoon characters like Donald Duck  and Mickey Mouse, and Jerry or Tom etc. All these font are the creations of animation. This job require lot of originality, skill and technological knowledge of computers. It does not engage monotonous custom of job as it demands lot of novelty, fresh imagination and creative taste. All animated font are different from each other, which make this job challenging and attractive as well.

CourseCrown names of animation institutes in Delhi, in order to obtain more information you might log in their individual websites.

There are a lot of lucrative career options accessible for you in animation industry. You would get great opportunities in Movies, TV, advertising agencies,  websites and in sales and advertising firm (3d animation). In count with this today still defense, IT industry and medical also need animators for their websites advertising.

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72The Indian government has been providing career opportunities for all educational qualifications and for all experience levels. Government jobs can be found in various sectors like finance, communication, transport, social services and technology, etc. The Indian government also offers jobs for people who are 12th pass and exhilarating opportunities for those who desire new challenges in their areas of proficiency.

Railway jobs and Bank jobs are the most sought after by candidates seeking government employment. If you are good with finances, then banking will be a great option for you, and there are several national banks across India. It is a little easier to move up on the career ladder, one you are employed in one of government sectors.

Here comes the question, why you should consider working in the government sector? There are many benefits that a government employee enjoys, financial benefits, housing allowance, transport allowance, medical allowance, pension after retirement, holidays, easy promotions and extra perks, along with a decent salary and job security. These benefits attract youth to build a career in Indian government sector.

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71Social media has become an inseparable part of our day to day life over the last few years. Apart from letting the world know about what is happening in their lives, people have greater visibility to the entire world. Digital marketing is an effective way to boost the revenues from marketing efforts done on the web. It has emerged as a vital career option in recent years. Here are some of the major reasons why a career in digital marketing can prove to be highly fruitful: -

Digital marketing is a recession proof industry

Marketing is a vital aspect of any business process. Every business, irrespective of it size will need to promote its product and services in order to gain prospective sales leads. Social media has also become an important source of communication between the government and common people. So, the fear of being expelled from your job due to recession won't haunt you again.

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701. Career Options and Trajectory

This is a step where an online diagnostic is done to find out what type of jobs you would be good at. You will receive a coaching discussion to further explain what these options would mean for the future. From here, your coach will allow you to select two markets that you are most interested in and will do industry research to find out about job growth and patterns for those markets. Next, you'll have information interview practice, along with a template, and you and your coach will create 2, 5, and 10 year career plans together. Click here for more information so you can get started.

2. Marketing Materials and Personal Branding

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